Adding and Managing Teams Sub-Accounts

Subscribers to a Teams account can add a new email address they wish to have tracking capabilities for. This allows you to view metrics for any users that have tracked emails under your team.

Note: Only those with Administrator or Manager roles within their teams can add/remove users.


To add a Sub-Account

Step 1: Click on Teams tab and Team Management


Step 2: Click on Add Members in the top right corner

You can add individual team members using the New Add option, or import multiple team members from a CSV file using the Upload CSV option.




Step 3: Fill out the form and add a first name, last name, email address and Account Type (Admin, Manager, or Base User)


Step 4: Click on Save Changes and your new team member should be visible on the Team Management/Sub-Account Management page.


To Remove Sub-Accounts

Step 1: Select Delete or Revoke Plan for the team member you wish to remove.



Step 2: A pop-up will prompt you for confirmation on the removal. Select OK to remove the selected member from your team.




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