How do I add or remove Sub-Accounts?

Adding and removing sub-accounts for use with your Teams or Internal Communication subscription is incredibly easy! This feature allows you to view metrics for any users that have tracked emails under your team, and our user-friendly interface allows you to add and remove users at your discretion.

Note: Sub-accounts are a feature exclusive to Teams and Internal Communication subscriptions. Only those with Administrator or Manager roles within their teams are able to add/remove users.

To add/remove Team members, you will need to first log in to your Bananatag account. Teams subscribers will then need to click on Teams and Team Management, while Internal Comms. subscribers can click on Manage Sub-Accounts under the Account menu.


Here you will see an overview of all the current users on your team. You can find the Name, Email Address, Account Type and their Group within the Team Management/Manage Sub-Accounts page.

Note: Below example is specific to Internal Comms. users, but will be almost identical to the same page seen by Teams users.



To Add Members to your team:



Click on Add Members or Extend Plan to Sub-Account in the top right corner.



You can add individual team members using the Add New option, or import multiple team members from a CSV file using the Upload CSV option.



Fill out the form with the team members First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Account Type (Admin, Manager or Base User). 


Note: Internal Comms. subscribers will only see a First Name, Last Name and Email Address field. No account type is required under this plan.


Once you've done this, select Save Changes and your new team member should be visible on the Team Management/Sub-account Management page.


To Remove members from your team:


Select the Delete or Revoke Plan button for the team member you wish to remove.




A pop-up will prompt you for confirmation on the removal. Select OK to remove the selected member from your team.




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