Adding and Managing IC Sub-Accounts


Subscribers to an Internal Communication account can add a new email address they wish to have tracking capabilities for. This can either be another team member they want to invite to use the Bananatag tool or another address you have sending permissions for.

To Add a Sub-Account

STEP 1: Click the Account tab and Manage Sub-Accounts

STEP 2: Click Extend Plan to Sub-Account

STEP 3: Add a first name, last name and email address.

A follow up confirmation email will be sent to that address, which will prompt to set up a password and login to Bananatag to the recipient.

From your main Bananatag account, you can log into, enable, disable, and change passwords for all of the associated sub accounts.

Note: If you are adding a sub-account that you have permission to send from but may not have access to the inbox for the confirmation email and password setup (like a leadership email address), you can still accomplish this. Once an account email has been added, within your main you can simply change the password by clicking the Reset Password button in the Manage Sub-Accounts page.


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