What are the different account types?



 In this article you will learn:

  1. What are the different Bananatag Account Types
  2. Account Type Summary
  3. The Account Type Hierarchy



When you create a new account under a Bananatag subscription you can choose what capabilities you wish the new account has access to. This article describes and summarizes the capabilities of each account type (i.e. user permission level).


Account Types:

  • Parent Admin: Has access to any account and can manage the subscription and billing options.
  • Admin: Has access to any account within the Admin, Manager and Base User-level and any account capabilities.
  • Manager: Has access to any account within its group at the Manager and Base User-level and any account capabilities.
  • Base User: Only has access to its own account and account capabilities. Sub-accounts with a higher hierarchy can temporarily login as other sub-accounts from the Team page.


Remember: Any email address can be used for tracking if three conditions are met:

  1. The sending computer has permission to send as the address.
  2. The sending address has an associated Bananatag account.
  3. Bananatag add-in tracking button has been activated before sending it.  

Account Type Summary:


Feature Parent Admin Admin Manager Base Users
Enable Shared Views
Data Management
Manage Bananatag Billing
Custom Email Designer Brand Settings
Custom Survey Feedback Brand Settings
Adding/Editing Users
Reset User Password *
Revoke User *
Log into other accounts from the Team page

access all users

access all users except Parent Admin

Create drafts and templates
Share drafts

with all users

with all users

with all users

with all users

Share template folders

with all Groups

with all Groups

with only your Group

with only your Group

*Managers and Base Users within Same Group only

Account Types Hierarchy:



We are happy to make recommendations and work with you on how to set up users and groups so that you are set up for success from the beginning!

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