Step 8: Create a Report



To view aggregated data, you can use our pre-generated reports or create your own within your Bananatag account. You can click the Reports tab and to see a list of common handy preset reports. If you wish to customize your results further, follow the steps below.

Create a Custom Report

STEP 1: In your dashboard, click on Reports at the top menu barmceclip2.png

STEP 2: Click on the New Custom Reports buttonmceclip3.png

STEP 3: Choose a date range to search by selecting a start and end datemceclip4.png

STEP 4: Add a metric you wish to viewmceclip5.png

STEP 5: Add a dimension(s) of the report you want to seemceclip6.png

STEP 6: Choose one or several filters to refine your reportmceclip7.png

STEP 7: Click Generate Report

You can name and save the report by clicking on the save icon at the top right of the page.

You can export a .CSV file of the report by clicking on the cloud with arrow icon at the top right of the page


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