Step 5: Understanding your Metrics



The information tracked by Bananatag can give you powerful insight into the what, where, when and how of your email audience. The details on these metrics can be found below. With the information gathered you can determine everything from ideal sending time to what device type is getting the most opens. The email metrics contain all of your tracked emails and allows you to understand how to increase your email success rate!

You can view your emails metrics further in two ways:

  1. Click on a specific email in your dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Emails’ on the top menu bar to locate and click the email you want to view

Below are the different sections that you will come across once you've selected the email you wish to explore: 

1. The Details section contains the subject line for your identification purposes. Important dates such as the send date as well as the date the most recent interaction (such as an open or click) took place. You can click the Show Recipients button to expand this view to see either individual recipients or distribution lists the email was sent to.

2. This section is by default set to open the Summary segment. The View portion allows you to see the click map of an email while the Surveys component provides you with an insight into your Surveys and Social Reactions.

3. The Recipient Number field is helpful if you know the number of intended recipients for this email you can type the number here to give you a more estimate of the percentage of total opens and total clicks (shown further down in the Key Stats/Opens section).

4. Unique Opens is the number of times the email has been opened on a specific device for the first time.

5. Total Clicks is the number of total times a link within this particular email has been clicked. You can see this broken down further on in the Link Click Stats section.

6. The Clicks/Opens Distribution Timeline displays all interaction with this email in a simple line graph. You can choose the range of time you wish to view in the top right or you can manually shrink or enlarge the window of time manually by grabbing and moving the slider handles just below and the graph will adjust to accommodate.

7. Key Stats/Opens will show you an approximate open rate and click rate based on your recipient numbers if you have included them above. The repeat rate is already known based on metrics already collected.

8. Device Type/Opens is broken down for you as well. You can generate a report for more details on specific device types.

9. Link Click Stats will organize the links based on which received the most clicks. This section will display only the top links by default but you can click the Show More button for all of the links included in the email.

10. Open Locations and Details will generate a geographic heat map based on opens. Here you can zoom in using the + or - buttons in the bottom left or click the expand icon on a country to see cities where opens took place. You are given both total opens in each country or city as well as what percentage of your total opens those represent.

11. The Open History section will display the most recent opens, the time they took place, whether it was a unique (first time) open or a repeat and the country and city where it took place. You can click on the open to expand and view more details on the device the that opened the email.





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