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In this article you will learn:

  1. How to Set Timezone and Notification Settings
  2. How to Set Add-In and Extension Settings


Getting your settings all set is one of the most important parts of getting started with Bananatag.

Making sure you have your timezone set accurately will ensure that you are getting the best possible metrics. The notification and Add-In / Extension settings will ensure you are tracking the best information possible while also ensuring that you are not getting spammed with notifications. 

Timezone Notification Settings

Set your timezone to display metrics in your local time:


STEP 1: Log into your Bananatag account at

STEP 2: Click on Settings

STEP 3:  Click on the Account panel

STEP 4:  Set your timezone for email scheduling

All changes (except Error Logistics Settings) are saved automatically once a change has been made



Outlook Classic Outlook O365 Gmail

Update your Outlook settings with these quick steps:


STEP 1: In your Outlook account, on the top right corner click on Create with Bananatag. A new window will open in Outlook, showing your drafts


STEP 2: Click on the ⚙️icon in the upper right corner, to open up the settings.
  • Enable Tracking: Automatically activates Bananatag’s “track & send” button for emails made with Outlook. This setting does not apply to emails made with Bananatag (tracking will be enabled by default).
  • Enable Track Links: Measures the number of clicks to each link provided in your email.
  • Enable List BCCs: Automatically adds BCC'ed addresses to your recipient's list in each email's statistics dashboard. We do not recommend this, because there is a limit of 30 addresses in the recipient's list.
  • Auto-Count Recipients: Allows Bananatag to count the number of recipients per email in your stats dashboard for you. We do not recommend this, because it can significantly slow down Outlook's performance for sending emails.



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