Step 2: Change your settings



Changing Outlook Add-in

STEP 1: In your Outlook account, on the top right corner click on Settings


STEP 2: A new panel will open on the right side of the screen with Mailbox, Notifications, and Account


STEP 3: Click on Mailbox

  • Recipient Counting: Enable this to receive automatic recipient counting (can result in a delayed sending) or input the recipient number manually in the Bananatag dashboard for individual email metrics
  • Tracking Checkbox: Click Enabled if you’d like to track your emails automatically or click Disabled if you’d like to manually ✓ the Track Email
  • Track Links: Enable or Disable tracking of link clicks
  • List BCC’s: Enable only if directed by the Bananatag support team to show BCC’d email addresses on your Bananatag dashboard
  • Proxy Settings: Use the email client's default proxy settings


STEP 4: Click on Notifications

  • Notification Email: Input the email address where all notifications are sent to
  • First Open: Enable this to receive notifications when an email is first opened
  • Link Clicks: Enable this to receive notifications when your links are clicked
  • Other Opens: Enable this to receive notifications on all other opens (excluding the first open)


STEP 5: Click on Account

  • Timezone: Choose a city with the same time zone as yours
  • Error Logistics Settings: Enable this option (recommended) to have add-in logs stored locally that can be sent to Bananatag if an issue occurs. Changes to this setting will not take effect until the email client restarts.


All changes (except Error Logistics Settings) are saved automatically once a change has been made

Changing Gmail Extensions

STEP 1: In your Gmail account, click on the Bananatag Icon in the top right corner


STEP 2: Click on Extension Settings


STEP 3: You can Enable/Disable or Check/Unchecked the setting for:


  • Tracking Checkbox: Choose the default tracking state upon creation of a new message
  • Track links - Select ‘Enabled’ if you want links tracked whenever someone clicks the link in their email
  • CRM checkbox - This must be set up before it can be used. If you want your all emails sent to CRM automatically, select ‘Check’ , read more
  • Settings & Cache - Click on Reset to Defaults to reset extension options as well as clear any alias settings



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