Step 4: Navigating Your Dashboard



  1. Navigation Menu
  2. Date Selection
  3. Key Overview Statistics
  4. Engagement Overview
  5. Device Type Opens Overview
  6. Latest Tracked Emails

Your Dashboard is the first stop when you log into your Bananatag account. This is a helpful guide to using it effectively.

1. The Navigation Menu contains quick links to the following pages:

Emails - Here you can find all tracked communications from this account as well as detailed reports on individual emails.

Create - This will allow you to create, edit, and manage your email templates and drafts built using our drag and drop tool.

Reports - Pull detailed statistics using pre-made or custom reports including the ability to export any statistic compiled.

2. The Date Selection menu will determine the range of data displayed in the Dashboard. You can use a pre-made date range or use a custom range to increase this to a 6-month window or decrease to a single day.

3. The Key Overview Statistics will show the number of tracked communications, unique opens, and clicks between the dates chosen.

4. The Engagement Overviewwill display an overview of all sending interaction within the date range specified in the Date Selection.

5. The Device Type Opens Overview shows the percentage of opens attributed to both desktop and mobile platforms.

6. The Latest Tracked Emails is where you will find a list of the most recently sent communications from this account and their associated details. Clicking the entry will take you to the details page of that particular email.

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