Track emails with Apple Mac Mail using Email Relay


By configuring your Mac Mail through Bananatag’s Email Relay, you can track outgoing emails through Apple's native email client without the need for any additional software.


Setup is simple. To start, you will need a Bananatag account, which is available for free at

STEP 1: Once you've created have your account, log in to Bananatag, click on your Account Icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard, select Settings and Email Relay.


warning-colour.png If you have not yet set up your account with Email Connect, you will be required to do so before you can use Email Relay.


STEP 2: Enable Email Relay and in the Password field, create a new SMTP password.


tip-colour.png Remember to make note of your SMTP password and Bananatag's SMTP server information.


STEP 3: Open your Mac Mail Settings by clicking Mail > Preferences > Server Settings tab and then under Outgoing Mail Account, choose Edit SMTP Server List

STEP 4: Add a new Outgoing Server by clicking the '+', un-check "Automatically manage connection settings" and under the Server Settings tab, enter the following:

Description: The name you'll use for this SMTP server

User Name: Your Email Address

Password: The SMTP password created in your Bananatag account

Host Name:


Use TLS/SSL: Check



warning-colour.pngIf you are using an earlier version of OSX than macOS Sierra, please see the article here for alternative steps.


 STEP 5:  When the Bananatag Email Relay is set as the Outgoing SMTP Server for your email account in Mac Mail, you should now be able to track all of our outgoing mail through our SMTP Relay.





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