Track emails with Android Mail using Email Relay


By configuring your Android Device's Mail through Bananatag’s Email Relay, you can track outgoing emails from your phone or tablet without the need for any additional apps.


Setup is simple. To start, you will need a Bananatag account, which is available for free at

STEP 1: Once you've created have your account, log in to Bananatag, click on your Account Icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard, select Settings and Email Relay.


warning-colour.png If you have not yet set up your account with Email Connect, you will be required to do so before you can use Email Relay.


STEP 2: Enable Email Relay and in the Password field, create a new SMTP password.


tip-colour.png Remember to make note of your SMTP password and Bananatag's SMTP server information.


STEP 3: In your Mail Settings, select Add account, enter your email and password, and then select Manual setup




 STEP 5: Under the Account heading, enter your email address as shown. Enter your email account password in the Password field, then scroll down...


STEP 6: Configure your Incoming server settings as usual, and scroll down...


warning-colour.png Reference image shows incoming mail server information for Gmail users. Your incoming mail server may be different.


STEP 7: Configure your Outgoing server settings using the Bananatag SMTP information shown here, check "Authentication required before sending emails", and enter your email address and SMTP password. Then, tap "Sign In".



tip-colour.pngYour SMTP Password will be the unique password you had created in Step 2.

STEP 8: If you were able to sign in and your mailbox has populated, your email account should be correctly set up to track through Bananatag's Email Relay in Android Mail!




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