How do I share templates?



Sharing templates will save you a lot of time and help keep your message and brand consistent across all channels.





How to Share Templates

STEP 1. Sharing templates within a Team or Internal Communications sub-accounts can be done by first creating groups. Note: If you have already established sub-account groups you can skip to Step 2.

Bananatag_Shared_Templates_1.JPGBananatag_Shared_Templates_2.JPG            Bananatag_Shared_Templates_3.JPG

When logged in as an admin or a parent admin, you can navigate to your settings menu and click Team. There you can create new groups and assign sub-accounts to that group.

STEP 2. Click Create. Hover your cursor over the folder with email templates that you wish to share. Use the blue add icon to add groups you wish to have access to this folder.



 STEP 3. Click the yellow check mark to commit the changes.



If you click the sharing settings again, you can assign permission levels like "Read Only", "Edit and Read" and "Stop Sharing".


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