Getting Started for Pro - Step 3: Track Your Email



Tracking your emails lets you know how your recipients are interacting with your emails, after they are sent. Tracking your first email is simple!

Track Email with Outlook

STEP 1: Compose your email

STEP 2: Highlight the Track Email button on the Outlook ribbon.

STEP 3: Press SEND!



If you are sending to any email included in the BCC field you must have at least one address in the TO or CC field.


Track Email with Gmail

STEP 1: Compose your email

STEP 2: At the bottom of the compose window, enable the Track checkbox

STEP 3: Press SEND!



You can send your email at a specific time by clicking on Send Later

Other Email Clients

Virtually any email client can be set up to track emails with Bananatag using our SMTP Relay Service. For more information and setup instructions for your specific client, view the SMTP articles on our Help Center.

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