Getting Started for Pro - Step 1: Install Bananatag/Email Relay



You can download a Bananatag Extension or Add-In at any time to start tracking or update to a current version from your Bananatag dashboard.


How to Install the Bananatag Extension or Add-In

STEP 1: Log in to a Bananatag account.

STEP 2: Click the account icon to access your account options in the top right hand corner.

STEP 3: Navigate to and click on Resources.

STEP 4: Click Select on your preferred email client and follow the instructions.









For users who do not access their email through Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, you can utilize Bananatag email tracking through the use of our SMTP Relay. Setup instructions for our SMTP Relay can be found for the below email clients:

- Mozilla Thunderbird

- Apple Mac Mail

- Outlook for Mac

- iOS Mail

- Android Mail

You can also download the Outlook Add-in HERE

You can also download the Gmail Extension HERE

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