Getting Started for Pro - Step 2: Change Your Settings.



Changing Outlook Add-in


STEP 1: In your Outlook account, on the top right corner click on Options

STEP 2: Click on Settings

STEP 3: Click and ✓ the box next to:

Track Message Default On: if you want to track your emails automatically

Only track links in Link Manager:  if you have a list of links you’ve added in Link Manager and only want to track those links when clicked

CRM Option Enabled: if you want send your emails to your CRM

CRM Defaults On: if you want to send your all your emails to CRM automatically.

STEP 4: Click on Apply


Changing Gmail Extensions


STEP 1: In your Gmail account, click on the Bananatag Icon in the top right corner

STEP 2: Click on Extension Settings

STEP 3: You can Enable/Disable or Check/Unchecked the setting for:

CRM Integration - if you want to send your emails to CRM

Tracking Checkbox - if you want to track all your emails automatically

CRM checkbox - if you want your all emails sent to CRM automatically

Track links - if you want links tracked whenever someone clicks the link in their email

Settings & Cache - click on Reset to Defaults to reset extension options as well as clear any alias settings


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