Find your Bananatag version number

To locate the version of the Bananatag Gmail extension or Outlook add-in, you'll need to:


Bananatag for Gmail:

Click on the Bananatag 'b' in Gmail and then Extension Settings. Afterwards, click on the back arrow beside General Settings. Your Extension version will appear in the Settings window.


Bananatag for Outlook (Classic):

STEP 1: Click Options -> Help -> About Bananatag in the Bananatag Outlook add-in.
STEP 2: The version number for Bananatag classic will be visible on the "About Bananatag2013" window.


Bananatag for Outlook (2.0):

STEP 1: Click "Report Bug" on the Bananatag Outlook Add-in.
STEP 2: Find your Bananatag version number listed next to the 'Add-in' text in the generated report.



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