I received a "Failed to create Browser" error

A "Failed to create Browser" error can occur for a few different reasons. Most of which can be corrected through these steps:


STEP 1: Update to the latest version of Bananatag for Outlook
STEP 2: Download and install .NET Framework v4.5 AND Visual Studio Tools for Outlook 2010

.NET Framework v4.5 - Download Link

Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 - Download Link

STEP 3: Try deleting the 'dotnetbrowser-chromium' folder from the following path in your PC:

PATH: C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\

warning-colour.png If manually navigating to the above path (instead of copy/paste), replace %USERPROFILE% with your name.

Still experiencing this error?

Contact the Bananatag support team through the "Report Bug" button shown on the Bananatag add-in. 

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