Sending your first tracked email with Outlook (Classic)


Tracking your first email is simple. Just write your email as normal, make sure the Track Email button is highlighted, and press Send! Watch the video above to see how it works.

Note: Each email address that you track an email from needs to have its own Bananatag account.


Sending from a Send As address

If you have Bananatag installed on a client that has multiple Send As email addresses and you track an email with an email address that does not have a Bananatag account you will receive an error.

To help avoid this create a Bananatag account for all the email addresses you wish to track from or change the default "Track Email" setting for your email client.


How to change "Track Email" default setting.

After Bananatag installs, the Track Email button is highlighted by default for any new message you create. If you only want to track newsletters and not the majority of your emails you may want to change this setting.

To change the default Track Email setting:

  1. Click Options > Settings from the Bananatag section in the message ribbon
  2. Uncheck the checkbox labeled Track Message Default On
  3. Click Apply


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