Enabling and using CRM Sync

You can sync your emails to most CRMs with our Gmail extension or Outlook add-in automatically!

This feature uses the unique email address many CRMs provide for you to use in the BCC field of an email. We save you this step by allowing you to insert the unique CRM email address into your Bananatag settings and then simply select a checkbox when you want that email synced to your CRM. Bananatag then automatically places the email address in your email BCC.



The first step to set this up is to find your CRM User’s BCC Dropbox Email Address.

Below are links to help you find the BCC address for some of the most requested CRM solution providers. If yours is not listed that does not mean it is not supported.


Once you know your CRM email address, log into your Bananatag Account, click Account on the left-hand menu, then Settings and finally CRM Sync. Here you can add your CRM Email Address.



At this point everything is set up and you will just need to ensure that CRM Sync is checked when sending an email from Gmail, Google Apps or Outlook that you would like sent to your CRM:


Note: If the CRM Sync option is not visible in Outlook you will need to enable it in Bananatag's Outlook settings. This can be found in the "Options" menu shown above.


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