How do I track emails?

Tracking your emails will let you know how your recipients are interacting with your emails after they are sent. Bananatag lets you know when emails are opened, and if links within the email are clicked. To get started tracking your emails...

- Create an account as well as choose a subscription that works for you

- Download the browser extension or Outlook add-in

- Click "Track Email" in your email composition window before sending

- Log in to your Bananatag account to view the stats!


Gmail or Google Mail

In Gmail, make sure the Track box is selected.



Microsoft Outlook

Make sure that the Track Email button is highlighted (if not, click it to select it) and click Send:


Other email clients

Virtually any email client can be set up to track emails with Bananatag using our SMTP Relay Service. For more information and setup instructions for your specific client, view the articles on our Help Center.

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