How to use Google Analytics with Bananatag for Teams

Enabling Google Analytics for your Teams account will add Google’s campaign URL Tracking codes to the links to your website in outgoing emails. This will let you see how recipients interact with your website from the emails you’ve tracked with Bananatag.

The tracking data is broken down by team member, allowing you to see how each team member is influencing web traffic behavior.


Setting up Bananatag and Google Analytics

To setup Google Analytics for your team, log into your Bananatag account and click on Team, then Settings, and then Google Analytics (note that this menu requires admin privileges).

Enter your website's address and you're all done! Bananatag will now add campaign tracking for Google Analytics to your tracked emails.


Campaign URL Parameters

Google Analytics requires parameters to identify where a given website visit originated, so you'll need to provide this information.

These details will be added to your tracked URLs by Bananatag:

  • Campaign Name: Bananatag
  • Campaign Source: User Name
  • Campaign Medium: User Email Address


Note: These parameters are added automatically by Bananatag and cannot be changed. You can use these values to create reports in Google Analytics.


Viewing Google Analytics

To view this data in your Google Analytics account log in to Analytics and from the left menu click Acquisition and then Campaigns.

If any recipients have clicked on your links during the time frame you have selected, you should see a campaign named “Bananatag” in this view.

If you click on the Bananatag campaign you will see a breakdown of each of your team members and the visits that resulted from their emails.

In this standard view you can see details such as Bounce Rate, Pages/Visit and even conversion rates and e-commerce data.


Use this powerful data to see beyond the click on your emails, and see how recipients are engaging with your site.

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