How to use Team Comparison metrics

Team Comparison metrics in Bananatag allow you to quickly see how team members stack up against each other. 


To use Team Comparison, log into your Bananatag Account, click on Team on the left-hand menu, and then click on Team Comparison:


Start by selecting whether you would like to compare individual users, or groups of users.

Note: You can create Groups in Bananatag Teams! (See Team Management in the Resources section on the left-hand menu for more info.)


Next, select who you would like to compare (or search for a user) and click Add to Report.

Then, select the Metric you’d like to compare, i.e. Compare Sent, Opens, or Clicks.

Finally, click Load Report, and you're all done! Now you should see different team members compared for the current date range, and be able to quickly identify performance.

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