Error: The Bananatag extension for Gmail was unable to detect the email body

If you're receiving the message below (or similar), the issue is most likely related to the version of the extension you are using:
"The Bananatag extension for Gmail was unable to detect the email body."
This may be due to a conflict with another browser extension. Initially, you should try refreshing your browser. If the error is persistent, the extension will be automatically disabled.
You can re-enable the extension in the top Bananatag menu under Extension Status.”
If you’re receiving this message and using Firefox, your extension will need to be updated. To update the extension, go to the Firefox Menu, click Addons and remove Bananatag. Then, download the latest version of Bananatag for Gmail and add it again.

Once the new version is loaded, if you refresh Gmail, you should see the extension load and be able to track, schedule and snooze emails as usual:

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    After clicking "Snooze" it seems to work but after a few seconds it fails with this error - Could not find message in INBOX or [Gmail]/All Mail (Ref# 1484321661)

    bananatag 2.7.7 (the latest)
    Tested on a new/fresh profile.
    Firefox 50.1.0
    Win 7 x64

    Thanks in advance