Error: Recipient missing links not resolved

If you're receiving the message below (or similar), the issue is most likely that our system was not able to detect any recipients in the email:

Error: Recipient missing links not resolved


At least one email address is required in the To: or CC: fields in order to track an email. 

For users that want to use only the BCC field (as is popular with emails sent to distribution lists), a common practice is to place the email address you are sending from in the To: field.


Note: This message may also appear even if there are recipients as outlined above. If this is the case, it may be a permissions issue and more detailed information about the issue will help us identify the cause.

If you're experiencing this issue with an email address in the To: or CC: field of your email already, Click Options on the Bananatag menu, then Help, and finally Send Feedback to get in touch for further help.

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