How do I stop receiving open notifications from myself?

Are you getting a notification every time you open one of your own tracked emails? There’s an easy fix for that.

While Bananatag has built-in checks to prevent self-occurring opens, sometimes browser settings and email clients get in the way. For these cases, we've created a simple guide to avoid getting notified of your own activity on your emails.

There are two methods we recommend to set this up -- blocking your IP, or setting a cookie. Review both options below and use which one makes the most sense for your configuration.


IP Blocking

Blocking your IP address is the most effective way to prevent open notifications from yourself, however note that this method blocks every open from within your local area network, and is not effective for users that have dynamic IPs.


Log in to your Bananatag account and click on the Account tab on the left-hand menu, then Settings, and finally Open Blocking:


Click Insert my current public IP address to have your IP address auto-filled in the field, and then click Block.

Note: If you block your IP in a closed network and are sending emails to co-workers, you will not receive notifications when they open your emails. If you require these notifications, you should block your personal computer by setting a cookie.


Setting a Cookie

This method is localized to only apply blocking to your computer, or more specifically, the browser/client you choose to open your email with.


Log in to your Bananatag account and click on the Account tab on the left-hand menu, then SettingsOpen Blocking, and finally Block All Opens From This Device:


Enter your Bananatag account password, then click Block Self-Opens.

Note: This method works by setting a cookie on your computer. If a cookie cannot be set, you will continue to receive opens from yourself. In this case, try the IP blocking method outlined above.

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