Getting started with the tracking method


The tracking method is a legacy feature. Although this feature is still functional, we recommend users set up their mail clients with our SMTP Relay Tracking method.

Tracking an email using the method is simple, and is supported by all email clients.

To track an email to simply add to the end of the email, so it reads – that's it! Your email will be tracked and sent, and the added to the email address will be removed once the email reaches your recipient's inbox.


Note: It is very important to note that the method only supports a single recipient and does not support CC recipients. If you have multiple recipients or have CC'd or BCC'd an email with added to the address, it is exposed to all recipients.


If you’d like to track emails without these restrictions, please use our Browser Extension for Gmail or our Outlook add-in, or set up your client through the SMTP Relay feature.

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