Why should I send emails through my own server?

Bananatag works by tracking your emails and sending them through your own server.

Sending emails through your server is beneficial for two reasons.

  1. Your server will be able to save a copy of your tracked message in your sent items.
  2. Sending from your own server ensures that the email comes from your account, and your domain.


In practice, sending through your own server means that you don't need to change your workflow (as sent emails are in your outbox as always), and that you don't have to worry about your email being filtered (as possible when sending through someone else's server).

For example, with traditional mass email marketing programs, if there are people using the service to send spam email, the reputation of the server will be negatively affected, and it will be more likely that any email sent from that server (including yours) will be marked as spam or junk.

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