How do I organize my tracked emails?


Once you've logged into your Bananatag Account, you can move your tracked email into folders if desired.

This is helpful for organizing tracked emails to view metrics for (i.e. personal and business emails).

On the top of the screen, click the Emails button. To create a folder, move your cursor to the right hand side of the specific email you are looking at until a 'Move to...' message appears.

When you click on 'Move to...', a new window will appear asking you to 'Select folder to move to...'

From this window, you can 'Create New Folder' or move that tracked email to a folder you have already created. In addition, you can archive that tracked email by clicking on 'Archive Email'.

You can also move tracked emails and access more options by using the check boxes beside your recently tracked emails.

While you have a few or all emails selected, you'll see an option 'Move to...' appear. You can move these selected emails to a folder you have already created or Archive them.

Finally, you can Export or Download as a CSV Report. Make sure no tracked emails are selected and click on Export.


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