Viewing your tracked email metrics

Our Metrics, or Bananalytics, give you the information you need to improve your email success. Your metrics contain extremely powerful data on all of your tracked emails.

You can access Metrics by logging into to your Bananatag Account.



Your dashboard shows you an overview of your recently tracked emails, as well as a status for opens and clicks they've received, along with your repeat open rate.

This view contains an overview of your activity with Bananatag. For information on specific emails, you can click View on the right of any recent email, or click Tags on the left-hand menu.



By clicking Tags, you can access your tracked emails by the emails themselves (Tags), or view by the Contact they are sent to:


Click View to see more detail on any Tag. In this view, you can drill down on each engagement with your email to see details such as your recipient's location and device type.



The Metrics tab contains more overall metrics for your activity, including Click Insights and Opens Insights: 


By clicking Click Insights you can view metrics for all emails that have had links clicked:


This view will also provide overall statistics for the click rate of your emails, and stats on the kinds of devices that were used to click links in your emails.


By clicking Opens Insights you can view metrics for all emails that have been opened, along with similar details as for clicks (open rate and device type):

For more on Bananatag Metrics and how to use them to help improve your emails, see our blog post on how to use metrics effectively.
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