I am getting too many email open notifications


Open notifications are awesome, but under some situations you may find that you're receiving too many notifications.


Consider these two scenarios, and how to adjust your settings to disable some notifications:

You're tracking a lot of emails and receiving a corresponding amount of notifications. You are a power user. A machine-like person that sends more emails in a day than most do in a week. And because you track and send a lot of emails daily, you receive a lot of notifications.

Access the global notification settings in your Bananatag account, and ensure that the Notify me on all other opens option is disabled. This will configure your account to only send notifications on the first open of each of your emails by a given recipient.

If you are still receiving too many notifications, you may want to use the same options to disable open notifications globally and rely solely on your Bananatag account for email open and click information.


You're tracking emails and receiving a disproportionately large amount of notifications. In this scenario, you have tracked an email to a recipient (or group of recipients), received an initial open notification, and then continue to receive notifications.

This can happen for a few reasons including your recipient opening your email several times or your recipient forwarding your email (creating additional unique opens). In other cases, your recipient’s mail client may be parsing your message over and over.

If this is the case, it likely makes the most sense to disable notifications from just that specific email. Access the email-specific notification settings in your Bananatag account and disable notifications by tags.

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