What information do I get from a tracked email?


If you have email notifications enabled (as by default), you will receive an email when a tracked email is opened, or a link inside a tracked email is clicked. 

You will receive the following information on tracked email notifications:

  1. Email details, including the subject line, the time the email was sent, and if a link was clicked
  2. The recipient(s) who interacted with your email
  3. Open/Click details including the location of the open, and details about the type of device used to access the email by your recipient.

Below are samples for both types of notifications:



If you click the link labelled Click here to view full details online you will be taken to your Bananatag Account in your default web browser for more details and overall account metrics.

If you're just getting started with Bananatag, you can test open and click notifications yourself!

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