How do I install the Outlook addin? (Classic)

The latest version of the Bananatag Outlook Addin can be downloaded by logging into your Bananatag Account, clicking Resources, and then Getting Started. You can also download it directly HERE.


Depending on your browser you may need to save the installer to your computer first before running it. Below are examples for different browsers:

Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome


Once the Bananatag installer is downloaded, run the program:


Note: Outlook will need to be closed while the installer runs.

Depending on your version of Windows you may be prompted to confirm that you want the installer run. Click Yes to continue with the installation:


Follow the prompts to finish installing the latest version of the Banantag plugin for Outlook.


Note: Depending on your version of Windows and Outlook, the installation may require a reboot during the installation. Once your computer has rebooted the installation will continue.

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