How to use Email Scheduling (Send Later)

Bananatag features intuitive email scheduling, right from inside your Gmail. The Send Later button in the Gmail compose window allows you to quickly schedule any email to be sent at a preset or custom time.


Below is a screenshot of the Send Later menu, visible after you click Send Later on the compose bar in Gmail:


Here you can schedule a custom time for your email to be sent. Once you click Schedule, you're all done. An email will also be sent to your inbox to confirm that the email has been sent shortly after when it is scheduled to be sent.

You can also set up recurring emails through this window, and of course, use the email tracking feature simultaneously.

Visit our blog to watch a one minute demo on Bananatag Email Scheduling!


To use the Email Scheduling function you must have Email Connect configured:

  • Configuration will be prompted the first time you press the Send Later button in your Gmail (given it’s not already configured for your account)
  • Make sure to follow the prompts to successfully configure Email Connect
  • Please note that your browser may block the popup to prompt configuration the first time, and you may need to allow pop ups temporarily (normally this appears at the top right of the screen)


Note: If you'd like to access an email that you've scheduled to be sent later, you can easily do so in your drafts folder. All scheduled emails will remain in the drafts folder until the time that they are scheduled to be sent.

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