How to Snooze emails (Email Reminders)


With the Snooze feature in the Bananatag extension for Gmail, you can easily mark emails that you'd like to have returned to the top of your inbox at a later time.

This is useful for any email you'd like to read or be reminded of later, and is preferable to starring or flagging emails as it allows for a more organized inbox.


The Snooze button is visible above each email in your inbox, and clicking Snooze on a message will bring up the Snooze menu:

Here you can select one of the preset times, or enter a custom date and time for the message to be re-delivered to your inbox.

Once you click the yellow Submit button from inside the menu, the email will be removed from your inbox, and re-delivered at the date and time you've chosen.

Note: If needed, you can quickly access any email you've used the Snooze function for at any time by opening the All Mail folder in your Gmail. Snoozed emails will remain in All Mail without an Inbox label until the time they've been scheduled.

To use the Snooze function you must have Email Connect configured:

  • Configuration will be prompted the first time you press the Snooze button in your inbox (given it’s not already configured for your account)
  • Make sure to follow the prompts to successfully configure Email Connect
  • Please note that your browser may block the popup to prompt configuration the first time, and you may need to allow pop ups temporarily (normally this appears at the top right of the screen)



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