Can I use Bananatag with web-based email like Hotmail?




Do you access your email through a website rather than a desktop program, but would like to use Bananatag? Bananatag is compatible with the majority of web-based email clients like Yahoo, AOL or by either using our legacy "" service, or by sending using our SMTP Relay.




To enable either of these services for your email you will first need to enable Email Connect on your Bananatag account. Once this is done, you can either use "" as described here, or connect to our SMTP Relay. 



You only need your email address and its password to setup a Hotmail account in Thunderbird.


The SMTP Relay can only be enabled for users who can change their outgoing mail server. While most web-based email clients will not allow you to do this on their web interface, if you setup a free desktop mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mac Mail to access your web mail you should be able to without any problems. 

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