How do I share templates? (Classic)


STEP 1. Sharing templates within a Team or Internal Communications network can be done by first allocating groups. Note: If you have already established user groups in your account you can skip to Step 2.

When logged in to your primary account, you can access your current users by navigating to the left hand side of your screen to the menu to Account > Manage Sub-Accounts .

Once there you can create a new user or make changes to current users.

STEP 2. Once you have established some groups. You can then navigate back to your menu to either Email Designer > View and Edit or Templates > Templates depending on which type of account you are using. Each folder will have an edit button on the right hand side. Some will have a “lock” icon indicating that this folder is “personal” or NOT currently shared and not be seen by anyone other than the current account in use.

STEP 3. You can grant access to sub-accounts by selecting the edit button and choosing which user groups are allowed access to this particular folder of templates. You can also select it only for personal use by using the checkbox that will limit its use to only your account.

Select Save to make the changes take effect.

Note: All templates will be marked as “personal” by default when they are created.

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