How does Bananatag track attachments?

Attachments sent through Bananatag will function a slightly different way when they reach recipients compared to file attachments made through built in file attachment tools in email clients.

The difference lies in how the recipient accesses those files. When an attachment is sent regularly through email, the file itself is sent directly to the recipient who can then open it or download it to their device. When you track an attachment with Bananatag, the file is actually stored on our server, and instead of the recipient receiving that file directly, they can access it through our servers. This is how we track information relevant to how many people engaged with the attachment you had sent. 

Tracking an attachment can provide you information relevant to how many people opened the attached file and even how long they might have viewed a specific page or area, which is extremely useful for files types like PDF, RTF or DOC.


Note: Attachment tracking is currently only available for users of Gmail.

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