How do I export an HTML copy of my email design?


Exporting an HTML copy of your Bananatag email design, regardless of it being a template or draft, is simple. To export your design in HTML, you will need to....

  1. Log into your Bananatag account
  2. Click Create to find the email template or email draft you wish to translate to HTML
  3. Click the the email design and click Next to access the editing features.
  4. Use the Download button as shown below to export either PDF and HTML export options.




IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to use HTML versions of your templates for anything other than proofing or archival purposes. Attempting to send an HTML as an email can have negative consequences with formatting due to other email clients processing HTML differently.

 Note: The resulting HTML of this process has no tracking features or capabilities, as it has not been sent via the Bananatag broadcast window in your email client. As such, link tracking, pulse surveys and social reactions are non-functioning. 

To see approved processes of sending a Bananatag email design we have additional instruction here.

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