Changing the Default Settings for Bananatag



Bananatag for Gmail

You can change the default settings for CRM integration and syncing, as well as for Tracking Emails and Links via the Bananatag settings. Once you change the default settings, each feature will be Enabled or Disabled automatically whenever you compose a new email, based on what you had selected.

Note: The CRM integration setting can only be used once you have set up the CRM Sync feature in your Bananatag account. Please log in to your Bananatag account and set up CRM Sync if integration is needed.


To change the default settings for Bananatag in Gmail, click on the Bananatag icon in Gmail (top-right corner) then click on Extension Settings.


Bananatag for Windows

To change the default values for Bananatag in our Outlook integration, click on Settings (Near the 'Template' icon). The sidebar should open with your options.


Bananatag for Outlook 365

To change the default values for Bananatag in our Outlook for Office 365 integration, open a new email window in Outlook, then click Track & Send at the top bar. The sidebar will open, and from there you can click the Gear icon to access all your client settings.

How do I change my Bananatag account timezone?

When viewing tag opens and clicks through your Bananatag Dashboard, you will notice that the default timezone for all open and clicks are noted in Pacific Time (PST/PDT). As the Bananatag offices are located in Western Canada, this is the default setting for all Bananatag accounts the first time they are created.

You can change your Bananatag account timezone at any time by visiting your account settings page. From here, simply select the appropriate UTC time from the available dropdown menu and select Save Changes to finalize your new timezone changes for your account.


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