Can I Mail Merge with Bananatag?


Bananatag does not hold any native mail merge feature. However, Outlook users can utilize mail merges with Bananatag's SMTP Relay. 

In order to properly ensure that Outlook will work with mail merges, the following steps will walk you through how to create a new Outlook account which will effectively act as a duplicate of your original account. This allows Outlook users to utilize mail merging as well as provide a way for users to switch between our SMTP Relay and their native outgoing mail server, depending on what emails they would like tracked.

Here's how to get started...



 First, you will want to ensure both Email Connect and SMTP Relay are properly set up in your Bananatag account. You can login your Bananatag account, then select Account, and Settings.

From here, select Email Connect, and manually enter the required SMTP settings for Outlook's default outgoing mail server.

If that works, you will then need to enable the SMTP Relay from that same screen. To do that simply click Email Relay and enter a new password for the Relay. Make sure you remember what this password is as you will need it later. 



In this step you are creating a second "version" of your existing email address available in Outlook. Depending on the version of Outlook you use this can vary slightly. Most Outlook users can click the Tools menu in the mail Outlook window and then select Account Settings from the menu that appears. You will want to setup your "second" email address like this:


After clicking on More Settings, you should see the following tabs. Be sure to fill out each of the same fields as they are shown in the below screenshots to complete the setup process for SMTP Relay.



After completing the above you have finished the setup process. To send emails with this alternate account simply select it in the From or Accounts list while composing a new email. That would look something like this…

 This same option should now be present when sending via Microsoft mail merges done through Word. 




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