Bananatag Templates VS Drafts



The Email Designer can be accessed under Create and has two separate tabs: Email Drafts and Templates.
It is important to know the differences between Templates and Drafts in order to successfully send out your communications.


  • Email Drafts have been introduced to separate the tasks of creating emails you to send, and creating email templates you want to save and use again. That means a more intuitive workflow and a simpler way to create, share and send your email designs. Email Drafts allow you to view, edit and share all of the current drafts you’re working on. Drafts are still built in our drag-and-drop designer and sent through your email client. When creating a new email draft, you can choose between different templates you’ve created before, templates from the Template Library, or design from scratch. Once created, drafts will appear in the list of drafts in the Emails Drafts tab.

To create a new email to send out just click New Email Draft

When creating a draft, you’ll notice you have two options for saving:

  1. The Save button will save the progress of your draft, and update it in the drafts list view.
  2. The Save as Template button will create a template from the email design you’re currently editing and will now be accessible from the templates tab


  • Templates can be created to save a master version of a design you want to use over again. Templates are preserved in your account and organized in folders, accessible from the Templates tab. Use the + NEW TEMPLATE button to create a new template you’d like to re-use. As with drafts, you can start designing from an existing template or from scratch.


The following video provides a great visual example when using Templates and Drafts with Bananatag!