Email Building with Outlook


Creating your first email template or draft with Bananatag is easy! The following steps will help you create a beautiful email within Outlook in just a few moments:


Email Building with Outlook

STEP 1: Select Emails in the top Outlook navigation menu within the Bananatag box

STEP 2: Pick the + New Email Draft

STEP 3: You can choose to create your draft from the following options:

  • Your Templates - templates that you’ve already created and saved*
  • Template Library - a selection of pre-built Bananatag templates ready for customization
  • From Scratch - start a new draft from the ground up
    • Email Designer (HTML) - Block-based Email Designer
    • Rich Text - Text-based emails **

STEP 4: Enter your Email Subject

STEP 5: A new window with Designer and Preview & Send will appear

STEP 6: In the Designer window, you can drag the Blocks you want to add to your template/draft ***

STEP 7: Input your information (text, images, hyperlinks) and adjust the Style and Content

  • Style - This section allows you to adjust the colors, fonts, buttons and surveys (where applicable), as well as the padding.
  • Content - Each block has its own content features that you can adjust.

STEP 8: You can Send Test Email to test how your email will look when received

STEP 9: You can select Save to save this design as a draft or select Save as Template to save this design as a template for future use

STEP 10: Click Preview & Send

STEP 11: Once you’re satisfied with your template/draft you can preview how it would look like on a Desktop or Mobile.

STEP 12: Add your Distribution List to the To, CC or BCC fields

STEP 13: Make sure Track Email is switched on. Click Send and you’re done!


* If this is your first email template/draft, this section will not contain any pre-built templates. Once you save your first template then you are able to re-use it as you wish.
** Use the Rich Text editor to create plain text emails or paste in your own custom HTML
*** To insert a block, use the left sidebar and drag in a block to the canvas or click on it to automatically add it to your canvas.

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