How Anchor Links are Treated Across Email Clients

We've noticed that more and more Communicators are using anchor links within their emails. They are a great way to quickly navigate through the email and provide for a helpful way to bring the recipient to a specific spot on the email. However, each email client (mobile or desktop) treats anchor links differently.

The two main anchor links that our customers use are - 

  1. Name Anchors: <a href="#anchorname">...</a> ?
    <a name="anchorname">...</a>
  2. Back to Top Anchors: <a href="#top">Back to top</a>

The following table shows the different email clients and their treatment of anchor links:

Email Client Name Anchors
(Jump Links)
Back to Top Anchors
Outlook 2003/Express Works Works
Outlook 2007 Works Works
Gmail Works Not Supported
Windows Live Hotmail Works Works
iPhone* Not Supported Not Supported
Yahoo! Mail Works Works
Apple Mail 4 Not Supported Works
Thunderbird Works Works
Android 2.3 (default) Not Supported Not Supported

* Anchor links are disabled as of iOS8

In the Internal Communications space, 90% of the email clients deal with anchor links just fine. Which is great news for Communicators!

You can input Anchor Links into your Bananatag emails by selecting the block, clicking anywhere in the paragraph, choosing the Source Code, and inputting your anchor link.



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