Social Features available to Power Plan accounts!


There are a few new features that are available to new Power Plan accounts that you are able to use right away! They are outlined as follows: ClickMaps, Surveys field, and new building Blocks

  • Within the Emails section, any email sent and built with Bananatag will have a new metrics review part available in the View portion called ClickMaps.


    • ClickMaps give you the ability to see exactly where your audience is clicking. Each link you included in your email template/draft now has the % of your total clicks on every individual link.
    • By clicking on any of the %, you will be able to see the URL that this link had embedded.
    • You can also see the Total Clicks, Unique Clicks, and Repeat Clicks.
  • Within the Emails section, any email sent and built with Bananatag will have another new metrics review part called Surveys.

    • The new Surveys section allows you to get insight into any Pulse Surveys, Net Promoter Score or Social Reaction Blocks that you've included in your email
    • You can check comments, responses, and polls!

  • Within the Create section, any email built with Bananatag will have 3 new building blocks.

    • Social Reaction Block (SRB) - You can choose to have a reaction to be Emoji or Like, to Allow Comments or not, to have a Reaction (question or title for the SRB), and choose to Show Anonymity.


    • Pulse Survey Block - You can choose the Survey Type (Range or Binary) which is then broken down into the Display Style (Stars, Faces, or Numbers for Range and Thumbs Up/Down, Yes/No, and Checkbox Confirm for Binary), as well as Show N/A Option, Allow Comments, and Show Anonymity.


    • Net Promoter Block - You can choose to Allow Comments and Show Anonymity.


You can adjust the questions in SRB and Pulse Surveys but not in Net Promoter Block. For more on this check out this article on NPS.

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