Accessing your Team Members Metrics

You can check the success of your team members metrics by accessing their dashboard. To do so, there are a 2 prerequisites required:

  1. Your account type is Manager or Admin - Base Users are only able to access their own metrics, Managers can access their groups metrics, while Admins can access all except for Parent Admin
  2. The team member tracked the email - Otherwise Bananatag won’t be able to provide any metrics


If you meet the prerequisites mentioned above then you can access your team members metrics by following these easy steps:

STEP 1: Login to your Bananatag dashboard

STEP 2: Reveal the drop-down account options by clicking the Account Icon on the top right

STEP 3: Click on Team

STEP 4: Select the Login as User on the team members account that you wish to check

STEP 5: You can now see their complete dashboard!

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