Differences between the New and Legacy Bananatag Email Designer


There are some key differences between the Legacy version and the current/latest version of the Email designer in Bananatag.

  1. Responsiveness: The current version of the Email Designer is more responsive with all new and old email clients, and mobile devices.

  2. Block Padding: In the current version of the Email Designer, block padding features can be found in the style section of any blocks for the draft you're building. Block padding allows you to change the space at the top and bottom sections of a block in order to bring blocks closer together or further apart.


  3. Support: New features being added to the Email Designer are developed for the latest version of the Email Designer, and may be incompatible with legacy designs or legacy versions of the builder.


Checking for Legacy version

To check if you have the Legacy version or the New version of your draft or template;

  • Select the email you've designed in the Bananatag Email Designer
  • Look for the "Legacy" tag beside Edit Email Draft or Edit Email Template 




Any template or draft that was built with a legacy version of the Email Designer (including creating a new draft draft from said template or cloning the template) may not support new features or newer blocks.


To use all our latest Email Designer, create a brand new email in the create section or within your email client by selecting New Email Draft -> From Scratch -> Email Designer


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