Recipient Counting with Bananatag



If you're using Bananatag with Outlook, you have the ability to enable Recipient Counting in your Settings window within Outlook. Recipient Counting will count the number of recipients in the 'TO', 'CC' and 'BCC' fields and automatically update the Recipient number within your Bananatag dashboard of the Email you're sending and tracking with Bananatag.


Follow these easy steps to Enable Recipient Counting for your emails:

STEP 1: Navigate to the Bananatag Outlook box on the top right hand corner

STEP 2: Click on Settings

STEP 3: Select Mailbox

STEP 4: Enable Recipient Counting (Disabled by default)

Make sure to refresh your Outlook prior to your next send





Recipient Counting can result in delayed sending depending on how your lists are set-up.
If you notice only 1 recipient, get in touch with our Support team or your Account Manager.

Recipient numbers can also be entered manually in the Email Summary report within your Bananatag dashboard if you have access to your sending list size.



There are a few ways with which you can count the number of recipients that are on the email you're sending. One way is through your Mail/Admin Team and another is through using Bananatag's Recipient Counting. The recipient number is important for when you'd be assessing your metrics on the sent email. The accurate number of recipients will provide you with the best estimate of the Open Rate %

From your Mail/Admin Team

If you have a team within your organization that is in charge of any email matters, you might be able to get the number of recipients that are on a distribution list from them. This is common when there is a person within a company who keeps the lists up-to-date.