Alias/Shared Mailbox sending with Office 365


Add-ins for Outlook for Mac 2016 are linked to the email address that logs in and enables them through the Office app store. If you were to switch to another email address in the same Outlook for Mac mailbox window, any add-ins that it did not personally add would disappear. 

In cases where aliases or shared mailboxes are used we see Bananatag disappear since these email addresses have not/cannot go to the Office app store to enable them. For this reason tracking with Bananatag, and aliases shared mailboxes, needs to occur through Outlook Web Access (OWA). Single email address tracking can still occur in the desktop Outlook for Mac.


To setup alias/shared mailbox sending in OWA...

STEP 1: Log in to OWA using your own personal email address
STEP 2: Compose a new email and click the Bananatag logo to open our sidebar
STEP 3: Authenticate using your personal email address account if necessary
STEP 4: Once authenticated, click the Bananatag settings "gear" and choose the "Alias" option
STEP 5: Check that alias/shared mailbox is listed here***, and set to "track to its own account"
STEP 6: In the "From" field of either the standard OWA compose screen, or the Bananatag one, ensure that you can see your alias address  



***If you cannot see the alias email address in step 5 then...


STEP 1: Right-click on your email address in the "From" field and choose "Remove"

STEP 2: Enter the alias/shared mailbox's email address (in full) into this field in place of your removed email address  
STEP 3: Attempt to "send and track" a new test email using this email address with the button in the Bananatag sidebar. It should be unsuccessful

STEP 4: Close the OWA tab and then return to your OWA mailbox


STEP 5: Go back to step 5 of the first set of instructions. You should now see that alias



Once this has all been completed, and your alias/shared mailbox email address has been configured for sending in both OWA and Bananatag, then all you'll need to do going forward is make sure it is in the "From" field of either the standard OWA email compose screen or the Bananatag compose screen. 



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