Gmail Doesn't Display Entire Email




Gmail enforces a strict email message size 102kb maximum data capacity to display emails.

This refers to the actual code that makes up your email, and a lot can be done within this restriction. However, for particularly long emails, this can cause the entirety of the email to not be displayed. This refers to the raw HTML code your email is made up of.

For instance, this sentence would consume 590 bytes of data if it were being displayed in HTML in an email. Almost a half of 1 kilobyte of the restrictive 102kb maximum before clipping occurs.

When your message is being clipped the link your reader sees to load the entire email looks like this:


This can be a challenge because the Bananatag tracking pixel is attached to the bottom (potentially not yet displayed area) of an outgoing email. This inhibits open tracking from ever occurring unless the reader chooses the above option to view the entire message. As well as that, it may not be clearly apparent to the reader that they are not seeing the entire email as intended.

Some steps to avoiding this;

  1. Send yourself a test email and look for the above warning the email is being clipped.
  2. Use link shortening services to keep your overall email size small. Long links contribute heavily to overall email sizes.
  3. In Email Designer 3, try to limit the number of blocks included within a design. Each block itself is approximately 1-2KB and each block can hold up to 8 elements which will also contribute to the overall size of the draft.

    Note: Because Bananatag hosts images included in email templates and drafts images added to Bananatag Email Drafts and Templates do not contribute to email size. Only the HTML used to direct the email to the hosted location does.
  4. For drafts created using our Email Designer 3, we include a "Gmail Truncation" warning that will indicate the current size of the email so keep an eye on this! 


It is a priority for Bananatag to keep HTML it uses in email designs as data light as possible. This is a limitation imposed on every Gmail user regardless of circumstance and remains out of the control of Bananatag.

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