Uploading an Image in the Email Designer



Uploading images to the Email Designer is designed to be as easy and intuitive as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help to make sure your images are uploading as desired.


Image Height is negotiable, width is not.

When uploading an image it's required that the image is AT LEAST the pixel width noted (the first number) on the image block. The second number is pixel height, which can be less or more than the suggested number. You could in theory have a 560px X 1px image that would be a skinny horizontal bar. The image dimensions vary for the different image block options, so keep an eye out for the dimensions noted on the block template.


If you don't meet the minimum width you will see the below error message. 


Whats the maximum size of image possible to upload?

10MB is the max image size. There is no restriction to amount of pixels, or height & width maximums, so long as it meets the minimum requirements.

Image doesn't align with the adjacent content block?

You may see that the image block does not have the same width as the adjacent content block. In this example it is a Title Block.



To fix this is easy. Click on the Image Block, and select the Content tab. You'll then see a toggle for "show gutter". Toggle it off and your image resizes to 600x200 to match the width of the below block. (note - you will need to ensure your image is at least 600px wide now, or else it will not adjust properly).





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