Converting your templates/drafts from 'V1' designs to 'V2' designs





Why do I need to do this?

Our legacy (Version 1.0) designer was originally created when Bananatag first launched, and as our tool has grown, we've implemented numerous responsive features in addition to unique survey creation and image editing tools.

Not all email clients support these more advanced features, so users of older email clients like Outlook 2007 may only be able to utilize Legacy template designs when sending through this mail client.

However, for those users who may have templates created on our older 'Legacy' designer, you can now convert these already made templates to make them compatible with our newer survey blocks and features!

NOTE: If you send via Outlook for Desktop, converted V2 templates require the latest add-in for Outlook. You can download the latest version here


How do I do this?

When editing an existing email draft or template, you will encounter this prompt in the event that the design is a 'Legacy' design created in version 1 of our Email Designer.

To update the draft or template to the latest version, select "UPGRADE" from the prompt:

What now?

Before finalizing your changes, you'll be taken to a preview of the template with the new changes applied, as seen below:


Just select "UPGRADE" at the top of the template to finalize your changes and upgrade your template to the latest version.

You will now have access to all of the latest features and optimizations included with our Email Designer!

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